Kababjees Bakers

About Us

Kababjees-Now reinventing the art of baking.

ISO, Halal, & Haccap certified, approved by the Sindh Food Authority & made to the very highest standards of hygiene & healthfulness

Certain Names inspire confidence, and trust. When it comes to food, Kababjees is such a name- now presenting a new line of bakery products. With several outlets, and delivery across Karachi, Kababjees is taking the art of confectionery to the next level. Given its own state of the art plant, a line of line of Nimco snacks, biscuits, sweets, and array of “READY” as well as “made to Order” cakes for every occasion, samosas, and patties for hi-tea, ice creams and much more. Kababjees is now a mega food company which is now synonymous with good food.